Saturday, October 23, 2010

Visiting the "Library"

This shout-out came from Sophie, who was in the bathroom:

"Do you have a newspaper that I can read while I'm in here on the potty?"

One of the laws of human nature is that women are quick and men need time. Yes, there are exceptions to every rule, but that's the general law. In fact, we've taken to calling that special room the library because one of us does leave his books in there "just in case."

It doesn't surprise me at all that Sophie is intent on breaking this law of nature and walking her own road. It started early on, where she was apparently training for more than just using the big potty. She was training for proper toilet reading.

It has progressed. Now that she's on the big potty, she's following the "man-style" feeling obligation to let everyone in the house know when she's going to go "poop and pee" as well as requesting reading material. This particular shout-out came while I was at my desk and even though I tried to keep the laughing quiet, it was impossible, which just fed the fire.

Unfortunately, or not so much so, there is no deeper meaning that I can draw from this situation. It is what it is.

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